Vmade is an High Street clothing brand redeveloped by brand -Remarks- 2009, based out of -Vmade by Remarks- . Late on, renamed - Vmade launched in Korea as exchange idea of high street  fashion brand .Vmade was created to realize this hiphop, street style, high street fashion  in everywhere area.

As a brand, Vmade seeks to take a stand against many of the appalling practices of the fashion industry. Our clothes are made in countries, mills and factories where tradition, expertise and human dignity take precedence over the bottom line. 

The interests and influences that inspire our clothing fall under a large, inclusive, cross-generational umbrella. Our ideas come as much from the possibilities we see in fabrics and designs as our commitment to living active, engaged lifestyles. We believe in doing things our own way, with conviction, according to principles we determine ourselves. We invite you to join us, both in our flagship store and online, and tell us how you do it.

-Remarks, we made, Vmade-